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About Us

By Local to Global Impact.

Local to Global Impact is on a mission to reduce poverty by generating an inclusive economy focused on linking talented, disadvantaged groups with international companies. We believe that the world contains much-untapped talent, which could benefit international companies in need of brilliant workers. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to be born in a place full of opportunities and resources that can change their future. We aim to offer these communities agency to thrive on their own in the global economy. We want to catapult people out of poverty, and we believe one way is to showcase how brilliant and talented they are.

So you may wonder with the same set of skills?

We have SPECIALIZED in challenging the STATUS QUO by coming up with a viable solution to one of the world’s biggest challenges; to reduce poverty. Furthermore, we have honestly not seen any company tackling the issue of poverty – like us.

Moreover, our solution is a win-win for companies and our talent. Companies get to complete company tasks affordably, while our talent gets to work remotely, earning 5-10 times more than what they would earn working for a company in their respective countries. In addition, the company hiring our talent has chosen a business solution that not only solves their company’s tasks but also takes part in supporting and fostering sustainable solutions with long-lasting impact in countries they usually would have no expertise. Additionally, science shows that when you have more at stake, you work harder, which are qualities that many companies seek in their employees. So we urge you to seize the opportunity to add a brilliant worker to your team through us, whether on a permanent, interim or hourly basis. We can assure you that the African freelancer economy is already large and growing, so why not add our mission to the revolution; Alleviate Poverty, Sustainable Development Goal Number 1. 

We strive to partner up with different organizations that can help us sustain our expertise and develop it further. We have secured this with Africa Matters Initiative, who has devoted their time to provide our talent with professional development skill workshops. Moreover, we are also planning collaborations with other like-minded organizations, such as  Ambitious Africa, where we want to generate events focused on impact startup networking. We are very willing to work with partner organizations that believe we are stronger together despite having similar objectives in our business goals. So please, feel very free to reach out to us, whether you are an individual, company or governmental figure that sees us working together. We would love to hear from you. 

We Are
We reduce poverty by linking local talent with global companies for an inclusive economy
We believe doing things as "it have always been done" can be a recipe for disaster. Diversity is vital for a company to thrive because diversity is about hiring people who bring new innovative ideas that can change things internally and externally for the company. The United Nations initiated this agenda by generating the sustainability goals to foster a better world for all. We aim for several of the SDGs as you can see below: