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Throughout his experience, Solomon has gathered extensive knowledge and skills, working in the data science field while contributing to the growth and success of organizations in the financial services and health sector. Solomon also contributes to the growth and success of the local data analytics profession growth and success by nurturing upcoming talent and sharing best practices through workshops and training. Due to his love for sharing knowledge and contributions to the utilization of data science as an edge, he teaches an online data science course at Predictive Analytics Lab, where he has coached students across the globe who have gone on to deliver amazing projects in their respective industries.

His goal is to convert his enthusiasm, creativity, and experience into a position where he will grow in the operations field and utilize his knowledge and skills to add value to organizations. He has demonstrated key leadership skills by leading various groups and actively participating in Hackathons and projects solving real-life Data Science problems and providing complex solutions. Currently working as a data scientist at Equity Bank. Before joining Equity Bank, Solomon worked as a Data Scientist at the Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence.

In his leisure time, Solomon enjoys participating in machine learning competitions, chess, skating, traveling, and reading books.

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