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For not long ago The Elizabeth Okungu Foundation in collaboration with Local to Global Impact was represented by Tracy as a volunteer at Rangala Baby Orphanage. Tracy helped the orphanage staff with tending to the children which was a great experience for her, but it also made her realize we all need to work together to help these children. Rangala…


Today Localtoglobalimpact joined a community gathering in collaboration with the Elizabeth Okungu Children Foundation. Children in need from the community were given bread, juice and candy and got to spend an afternoon in joy. Many of the children present today are sponsored by the Elizabeth Okungu Children Foundation who provides them with school fees and basic necessities to bring home…


Today we decided to look for Clarence we meet two weeks ago. We were expecting to see him at the Sunday football match as this is when people from the community gather. Unexceptionally we found out that the match was off and that we had to find him in a different way. On a local motorbike, we went from house…

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“Make money online” as a freelancer has increasingly been a popular choice among young people. To build a platform connecting freelancers and clients, hence, has great potential to grow. If you plan to start your business career following this path, one of the first things to take into consideration is the proper business model you will use for your business….