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Our main objectives


Create job opportunities for talented youth


Support community projects


Support individuals in need

Some few words

Hi there, welcome to Local To Global Impact.

My name is Linda, and I am the director of operations in Local To Global Impact. I started this project as a way to support low-income individuals and communities. Being born and raised in Denmark with Kenyan/Danish roots made me see how privileged we are in my country, and this brought me to think of ways where I could get opportunity and change for the people.
Working in corporations in Denmark opened my eyes to how important diversity is for a company to thrive. Doing things as “we have always done” can be a recipe for disaster. I realized that companies are very willing to hire people who bring new innovative ideas that can change things for the better internally and externally for the company. It is for this reason that the agenda of sustainability by the UN has been put forward so we can foster a better world for all. Many companies have tried to implement The Sustainable Development Goals in this process but find it hard to see where they can make a lasting impact. If you choose to hire one of our talented youth we will make sure you go more than satified with your choice. 

Donating to big charity corporations or social enterprises can go a long way, but because they operate on a macro scale, the real difference they make can be hard to account for. In this social enterprise, we have tried to make connections in low-income communities that might not have contacts with the large charity corporations that could help their lives. We are in this social enterprise, also focusing on helping people to help themselves because donating vast amounts of money has shown to increase corruption and might not get to the communities who need it.
We try to approach charity work from a bottom-up approach and include members of low-income communities as much as possible. In this way, we make sure that the impact we are trying to make has great impact. We also prioritise following up on projects, which can be an employee doing freelance work for you or a community project, so we get documentation that it has been a successful process. In this social enterprise, we hope to strive for credibility. This also means that we are very personal in our projects so that the real impact can be seen, felt, and heard.


Our Awesome Team​

Linda Mikkelsen

Director of Operations

Bachelor of (Arts) in Media Studies 2016-2019 Master of (Arts) in African Studies 2019-2021 info@localtoglobalimpact.com

Katrina Norah

Community Officer

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Innovation, and Business 2020-2023 info@localtoglobalimpact.com

Rasmus Pedersen

Technical & Financial Consulting

Bachelor of International & Intercultural Communication 2012-2015 & Masters of Science Digital Currency, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency International Marketing 2021-2024

Linda Mwaloh

Development Operations

Bachelor of Community Development 2020-2023 info@localtoglobalimpact.com

Levis Atinga

Developement Operations

Mrefu Wuod Alego Ohangla Artist info@localtoglobalimpact.com